Ardalan Samandari

Attorney Ardalan Samandari earned his Bachelor’s degree (Honors) at the University of California in Santa Barbara. Following his passion for the law, he attended the Western State University College of Law and attained his Juris Doctor in 2009. Throughout his legal education and career, he has tallied up a lineup of prestigious awards. Attorney Ardalan Samandari has won awards from Western State University, the California Legislature, U.S. House of Representatives, City of Santa Barbara and the County of Santa Barbara. With an entrepreneurial spirit and committed to justice, he opened the Law Offices of Ardalan Samandari in 2010.

A Stellar Reputation

Throughout his legal practice, attorney Ardalan Samandari has cultivated a long-standing reputation for excellence among both peers and clients. Among his legal peers, he is well known for his in-depth knowledge of the law, integrity and steadfastness. Among his clients, he is well appreciated for his client-centric approach, commitment and honesty. His clients’ legal problems are his problems and he provides practical, effective legal solutions. Attorney Ardalan Samandari gives each case the time it deserves. When you meet with attorney Ardalan Samandari, you can expect a professional with a down-to-earth demeanor.

Family Law

When it comes to family-related issues, emotions are often high. It is just the nature of close relationships. Attorney Ardalan Samandari works closely with clients and explains the process every step of the way. As a result, clients are more relaxed and less stressed. He’s a strong advocate of settling disputes through mediation when it comes to issues surrounding divorce and separation. Mediation is less adversarial, less costly and less time consuming than fighting it out in family courts. However, if an agreed resolution cannot be achieved through mediation, he will fight for you in court.

Personal Injury

Attorney Ardalan Samandari has also successfully handled a broad range of personal injury cases, including car accidents, premise liability, products liability and more. Accidents and injuries are misfortunes. Attorney Ardalan Samandari ensures you receive the best representation possible. If you or someone you know has been injured, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney to help you get the treatment you deserve quickly and the compensation you are entitled to. Don’t think you are out of options.  Attorney Ardalan Samandari will investigate the facts of your case, including getting the police reports, accident scene photos, existing contracts, witness statements, medical reports and more and carefully prepares a strong legal strategy to prove negligence on behalf of the other party.

If you’re facing a family issue or have been injured due to the negligence of another, call the Law Offices of Ardalan Samandari for your free consultation.

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